Please accept this post as my permission to use this testimonial anyway you like. Thanks again!


Lew spent all afternoon evaluating and treating many attendees of the NMSC with the Cranial Restructuring technique!!!

Although I did not “feel” any symptoms before the treatment, the whole right side of my head and face opened up and I slept like a champ last night!!!


Agreed. I have not been able to breathe through the right side of my nose for 20 years. After one treatment I’ve been able to breathe through it normally.


Ditto…he adjusted me as well and I heard about 27 bones move that must have been stuck for years. Great adjustment, thanks a ton!!!!!!


Totally agree! Same with me, I can finally breathe out of my left nostril!Thanks Lew!


I had my 1st 3 EndoNasal Balloon treatments 2 weeks ago at the Barlow Bootcamp in NC and one more last weekend at the NMSC. Lew offered graciously and WOW, I can breathe! What’s more is that I have had sinus symptoms – FOR AT LEAST 30 YEARS. This is been my number 1 health problem which I think has lead to a number of other health issues. The chronic subluxated sphenoid and other cranial bones has lead to chronic sinusitis, Chronic inflammation, chronic infection (all diagnosed by Endoscopy and labs) and I suppose herpes simplex and breathing disorders. I HAD constant, frequent runny, drippy and stuffy sinuses….and I’m sure much more – probably this is lead to URI including bronchitis and even pneumonia. Lew has really gotten the healing started.


I was using this technique on patients for mostly sinus conditions. With great effectiveness! Unfortunately, a chiropractor (misguided I must say) did not go through proper steps as Dr. Arrandt does. One of this Indiana chiropractor’s patients bled non-stop within the sinus cavity, rushed to the hospital and was cauterized. Needless to say that chiropractor was turned into the board and was told to cease and desist this procedure.(kept his license though) This procedure is no longer allowed in the state of Indiana performed by chiropractors. I found the procedure to be very safe and effective and recommend it. 🙂


Thanks, Lew. You treated me at Andy’s a few weeks ago and again this weekend at the NMSC. The results are nothing short of amazing. i would recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone.Another example of a body system which needs evaluation. Regardless of symptomatology. Every day we tell our patients to follow our treatment based on what we found in our exams, not because they “feel”something. Same thing, here. I have a better sense of balance, in a way that I have never felt. “Optimal health”? All systems must be firing at 100%. I am much closer to optimal after those treatments. Seek him out and do yourself a favor. Lew, thank you again, my friend.