The lymphatic system is a part of the body most of us don’t think too much about, yet it plays an essential role that affects our health and wellness on a regular basis. It supports cells so they can fight germs and brings protein to the heart through plasma.

When the lymphatic system is not working at its best, the body has a harder time fighting off microorganisms that cause disease. Not only is this system affected, but also the immune system and the blood. At South Florida Wellness Center, we offer ST8 Light Beam Generator treatments as a solution to unblock the lymphatic system and promote health.

Promote Lymphatic Health

If you notice lumps and possibly pain where your lymph nodes are, you may have blocked lymph nodes and problems with the lymphatic system. The Light Beam Generator could help with the blockage and is also beneficial in various conditions associated with the lymphatic system and the chronic inflammation associated with blockages. These include migraines, skin disorders, chronic illness and other problems.

What Is the Light Beam Generator?

The Light Beam Generator, or LBG, works with low current and negatively charged light photons. It provides a non-invasive treatment option with frequencies that encourage cells to disconnect themselves from blockages and that help waste leave the cells and the body. In this way, LBG provides a method for detoxifying the lymphatic system. This tool is used along with manual drainage of the lymph to take out extra fluid. The LBG also helps proteins become unblocked and flow well through the system, which supports healing.

Come have a consultation with us at South Florida Wellness Center to see if the Light Beam Generator could benefit your situation. To make your appointment, contact us at (305) 279-0850 or through our website.